CLASS FRIDAY 6:00-7:00pm (Teens/Adults)

Hello Artists! Welcome to SPRING 2023 Online Art Class! Bookmark page for the class link/password, and print information for convenience. Also listed is our “Online Etiquette”, and Materials needed each week.

Click here for Art Class!
ArtClass ID: 894 1115 2333
Passcode: create

Etiquette for our class:

We want everyone to have a great online experience. Everyone will be muted throughout the class for optimal audio, unless the teacher asks a specific question to the class. We want to inspire, get creative, and have fun while your children draw with us online! If hopping on late to class, please keep yourself muted and try to catch-up/follow as best as you can. If not possible, we will make other arrangements. Thank you!

Materials Needed :

We use 8.5″x11″ or 9×12″ paper. Michael’s Art Store is a great place to find items you don’t already have at home. Email us if you would like brand suggestions.

Week 1) Colored Pencils on drawing paper or cardstock.
Week 2)
Black permanent marker, watercolors, cup of water, brush, paper towel on watercolor paper or card stock.
Week 3)
Conte’ Crayons (4 pack: Brown, Sanguine, Black & White) on white drawing paper
Week 4)
Charcoal Pencil, eraser, blending stump (or Q-tip) on white paper (pencil can be used as substitute for charcoal pencil).
Week 5)
Oil Pastels & Watercolor, Brush(es), Cup of Water, Paper Towel, Watercolor Paper.
Week 6)
Chalk Pastels, any color of Drawing or Construction Paper, Blending Stump, damp paper towel to clean fingers.
Week 7) Watercolor, Cup of Water, Brush, Paper Towel and Watercolor Paper.
Week 8)
Conte’ Crayons (4 pack: Brown ,Sanguine, Black & White) on dark pastel or construction paper.
Week 9)
Colored Pencils and Chalk Pastels on White Drawing paper or Cardstock.
Week 10)
Any Dark Color Permanent Marker & Watercolor, Brushes, Cup of Water, Paper Towel, Watercolor Paper.

Thank you for joining us online, see you soon!

Shana and Jean
Hidden Talent Art
For questions, please email us at