Online Art Classes! (SUMMER 2021)

FALL ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE. September 15th – November 17th (10 weeks). Class days/times will be up soon!

JUNE 23rd – AUGUST 20th, 2021. Our Online classes are PST (Pacific Standard Time) and can be taken from any time zone! See class times below.
Starting late? We pro-rate! Students may join a class any time. Email us for our pro-rated pay page instead of using payment process below. Haven’t tried our online classes yet?? Try a class for FREE by emailing us at .
Students learn the Elements of Art and Principles of Design while drawing, painting, and sculpting subjects they love. We also teach Art History, featuring an artist or art era at the beginning of each class! Projects for camps are different from weekly classes.
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Wednesdays:  9 weeks 
4:30-5:30pm PST(ages 5.5 – 13)

June 23rd – August 18th

Teacher: Miss Shana

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Wednesdays: 9 weeks
6:00-7:00pm PST(Beginning Adult Class)

June 23rd – August 18th

Teacher: Miss Jean

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Thursdays: 9 weeks
3:00-4:00pm PST(ages 5.5-13)

June 24th – August 19th

Teacher: Miss Shana

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Thursdays: 9 weeks
4:30-5:30pm PST(ages 5.5-13)

June 24th – August 19th

Miss Jean

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Monday – Friday
1:30-2:30pm PST(ages 6-12)

July 19th – July 23rd

(View Camp page for details)

Teacher: Miss Shana

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We also accept Venmo or Zelle. To enroll and pay, please email us with your student’s name and the day/time you want. We will confirm enrollment and send payment instructions. Feel free to email us with any questions.
Once payment is received, Zoom link and materials list will be emailed. No make-ups for missed online classes.  We pro-rate if starting late or for pre-planned vacations.

ART SUPPLIES (Weekly Classes): If ordering materials ahead, we suggest ordering from, “Art Education” section (product number is after item below. Or we can email you a list with links for brand suggestions at Michael’s Art and Craft store. If properly taken care of, supplies should last entire school year; we are using the same materials through our summer session. Only purchase what you need if you already have some of these items. These brands are only suggestions and what we like and use in our classrooms.

  1. Oil pastels: Sargent Art set of 25 regular #9711075
  2. Chalk Pastels: Sargent Art set of 24 #9717703
  3. Watercolor: Prang oval 16 color # 9708307
  4. Royal Brush Soft Grip size 6 round # 9727710
  5. Royal Brush Soft Grip Oval Wash 1″ #9737773101
  6. Washable Fine Tip Markers: Sargent Art set of 50 #9727767
  7. Watercolor/drawing Paper: Canson Biggie 9×12 packet of 100 #9731215
  8. Permanent Marker Black Ultra Fine point: Sharpie #9730243(A)
  9. Blending stumps: Medium #9701044 (Q-tips also work)
  10. Construction paper – multi-color, 9×12 (can purchase anywhere)
  11. Crayola Model Magic red, white, blue and yellow , #9715579
  12. Ebony drawing pencil: Prismacolor individual #9701055, or a #2 pencil can work
We like the Brands Sargent Art for Oil and Chalk Pastels, Prang for Watercolor palettes, and Strathmore for paper, if you order materials online. We love Nasco:

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Studio Classes (on hold until further notice)


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$280.00 per 8 week session. If you want to try a class, you may pay for one class ($35). We accept cash or check only. Tuition includes all materials and taxes. All you need to bring is an apron or wear clothes that can get messy! No drop-ins, please call first to enroll. See a class that has already started, but still want to join? It’s ok, we pro-rate!

Specialty class prices: Toddler ($20/class), Family Art Day ($25/class), Girl/Boy Scout Art Badge ($25/class).

Hidden Talent Art Studio offers art classes for kids as young as 2 year old to adults of all ages. Our goal as art instructors is to teach the fundamentals of fine art to help students build the technical skills they need by using traditional methods. At the same time, we encourage self-expression which fosters decision-making skills, imagination, and self-confidence.

Class Descriptions

Click on the arrow to read each class description.

Toddler Alphabet and Numbers Class (age 2 - 4.5 years old): 1 hour
A class designed for students aged 2 to 4 years with their attending parent/guardian. A hands-on art class with several tables of exciting projects related to Letters and Numbers! Fosters fine motor skills, decision-making and social-emotional opportunities.
Pre-K (Age 3 1/2 - 5): 1 hour class
Students explore a variety of fine art materials and learn the basics of art while gaining observation skills in shape and proportion. This age group explores their world through their senses, and the art experience is more about the process than final product. This class lays the foundation for advanced classes as well as fosters students with their fine motor skills.

Wednesdays: 8 weeks

3:30-4:00pm Pre-K (ages 3.5-5)

June 30th – August 18th


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Art Introduction (Age 5-8): 1 hour class
Students gain observation skills and fine art vocabulary while exploring their creative side and learning about the 7 elements of art (line, shape, form, color, space, texture, and value) using traditional techniques and methods.
Art Essentials (Age 8-12): 1 hour class
Intermediate approaches to fine art, where students gain skills in shading, form, perspective, and composition. This class delves deeper into the seven elements of art and focuses on the 7 principles of design such as balance, unity, emphasis, pattern, etc.
Homeschool Art Class (Ages 5-12): 1 hour class
This class combines “Art Introduction” with “Art Essentials” lessons due to the wider age range so that siblings and friends of homeschool groups can attend the same class, while each student receives the appropriate attention based on their age and skill level. If you would like your group of 4 or more students to take a class, please call us to arrange a time and day.
Jr. Advanced (Age 13-15)
Students work independently with guidance from teacher to create work of art with in-depth meaning. Each project will last 2-3 weeks and will combine an element of art and principal of design. We will go over thumbnail sketches and composition.
Advanced Art (16+)
Designed for students with previous art experience. Students will work independently. The teacher will give assignments and guidelines to follow for each project. Composition and critiques will be discussed.
Beginning Adult
A step-by-step class for beginning students. All types of fine art media will be discussed and explored, using traditional techniques and methods.
Advanced Adult
Open Studio. Students work on their own with use of our materials and minimal teacher guidance.