Thursday 3:00-4:00pm, Spring Class

Welcome to Spring 2021 Online Class! Please review entire contents before closing page. Save/bookmark the class link/password, and print information for convenience. Also listed is our “Online Etiquette”, and Materials needed each week.

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ArtClass ID: 827 2452 5839
Passcode: Spring2021

*Parents: Please change screen name to your child’s name on Zoom account for easy roll call! They should use the bathroom prior to class so as not to miss any instructions.

Etiquette for our class:

  1. We know everyone has questions; often times questions will be answered as lesson progresses during our follow-along, step-by-step process.
  2. Everyone will be muted throughout the class for optimal audio, but students may unmute themselves to ask a question. Please be respectful and mindful with comments and actions.

Recommendations for materials needed for each week. We use 8.5″x11″ or 9×12″ paper. For materials you may not already have, Michael’s Art Store is a great place to find these items. We recommend Prang for Watercolors, Cray-pas for oil pastels, Sargent Art for chalk pastel sticks (24 count is nice for color variety but 12 will work), and variety pack of 50 count construction paper that includes black; “soft” or “medium” graphite pencil; Artist Loft brand for watercolor paper, 24 or 40 pack for painting and dry media use. Charcoal pencils come is nice sets of black and white with eraser.

Materials Needed:

1. Week of Mar. 2nd) Thin Point Permanent Marker, Watercolors, Brushes, Cup 4 water, Watercolor paper, Paper Tower (or a rag)
2. Week of Mar. 9th) Washable Markers with cup of water and round brush, Watercolor paper, Paper Towel (or a rag)

—-No Class Week of March 16

3. Week of Mar. 23rd) Charcoal Pencils (black & white), Eraser, Blending stump. Gray Pastel or Construction paper.
4. Week of Mar. 30th) Watercolor Pencils, Watercolor Paper, brushes and cup of water, Paper Towel (or a rag)

—No Class Week of April 6th—

5. Week of Apr. 13th) Model Magic, wax paper or plastic to work on.
6. Week of Apr. 20th) Chalk Pastels, Blending Stump, any color of Pastel or Construction Paper
7. Week of Apr. 27th) Graphite Pencil, Eraser, Blending Stump, Watercolor Paper (or white drawing paper)
8. Week of May 4th) Oil Pastels & Watercolor, Brushes, Cup of Water, Paper Towel Watercolor Paper
9. Week of May 11) Thin point Permanent Marker, Chalk Pastels, Watercolor Paper
10. Week of May 18th) Oil Pastels, any color of Pastel or Construction Paper —————– 11.Week of May 25th) Washable Markers, cup of water with brush, paper towel, and Watercolor Paper

P.S. If you want to share your child’s artwork on social media, feel free to tag Hidden Talent Art Studio on FB and Instagram!

Thank you for joining us online, see you soon!

Shana and Jean
Hidden Talent Art
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